About our Program

LBHS Drama courses challenge students to develop their artistic initiative through extensive study of dramatic literature, refinement of acting, playwriting, and directing technique, and stimulation of high-level thinking skills.  Students will reinforce these skills through applicable reading and writing tasks, monologue and scene study, improvisational exercises, and preparation for and performance of theatrical works .  Our coursework is designed for students who are genuinely interested in improving their theatrical skills and developing their ability to analyze, appreciate, create, design for, and participate in drama.  Challenging classwork, homework, frequent reading, writing and rehearsal both in and out of class are necessary to achieve growth.  Student learning is evaluated by several methods, including but not limited to testing, writing, performance, and self-assessment.  **Students should approach their studies with an open mind as well as a desire to collaborate and learn**

Performing Arts Boosters Mission Statement

To promote and support the LBHS Performing Arts (Drama, Vocal, Instrumental, and Dance) in its efforts to provide a rich educational experience which challenges the students’ intellectual, cultural, and physical development.

To ensure that teachers and students have the support to maintain the high standards of excellence and professionalism necessary to expand the reach of the LBHS Performing Arts Program for the education and enjoyment of the larger student body and the community at large.

Who the Drama Boosters are

  • Community members at large:
    • A major portion of show production costs are covered with ticket purchases. Community members have historically been very generous in their support.
  • Parents of students in shows:
    • These parents are considered the core boosters. This group varies from show to show.
    • By volunteering, these core members help with all aspects of the show production.
  • Our business sponsors and advertisers who so generously support our cause.

What we Do

  • Ensure students at TMS & LBHS have outstanding drama related opportunities, comparable to any performing arts magnet program.
  • Fund costs at both schools related to the general drama program, including scholarships, stipends for guest artists, award programs, classroom supplies,
  • Facilitate high quality production values by funding the majority of show costs: rights, set construction, set dressing, props, costumes, publicity, printing, backstage expenses, stipends for choreographers, directors, and musical directors, sound, lighting, and additional pre and post production expenses.

What we are facing today:

  • a decrease in ticket sales
  • a decrease in donations
  • a decrease in ad sales
  • a lack of major fundraisers
  • Even if our 2016-2017 season breaks even, we will deplete our surplus.

Please consider making a donation to our program today.