The Benefits of Theatre Education

The following is a list from the California Educational Theatre Association on some of the benefits of  theatre education for all students.

1. Theatre Arts allows student to develop and practice basic life skills including:

a. creative problem solving, decision making, visualizing goals
b. social skills including respect, poise, confidence, self discipline, intrapersonal
and interpersonal skills
c. work skills, such as: cooperation, collaboration, punctuality, dedication, concentration,
acceptance of disappointment, adaptability and attention to nuance

2. There is a strong link between academic achievement and arts education. The arts:

a. improve (according to research) academic achievement and test scores
b. develop verbal and nonverbal communications skills
c. increase concentration and comprehension through engagement
d. use the senses, stimulate emotions and intellect
e. increase cognitive involvement with subjects
f. provide alternative methods of assessment
g. provide avenues of achievement for students who might otherwise not be successful
h. provide motivation for students to stay in school
i. enlighten our understanding, making it deeper and more comprehensive
j. enhance other curriculum areas
k. provide a means for aesthetic development

3. Theatre arts can enhance students’ psychological well-being by:

a. allowing students to express feelings and emotions under the protection of a
character or script
b. increasing empathy and new perspectives
c. helping students consider moral issues and develop values
d. recognizing that dramatic conflict and resolution are a natural component of theatre
e. helping students to define who they are
f. providing enjoyment, entertainment and enlightenment
g. developing a value of perseverance and hands on craftsmanship
h. role-playing skills for coping with daily life in American society

4. The value of arts education has been recognized and its status has improved in recent years as evidenced by the establishment of standards and legislation such as NCLB which establishes arts education as a core subject that should be available to all students